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I love/hate youtube....

I, like millions of you, like to watch YouTube videos.... But while I like to watch certain things it is certainly not educational like REAL training. Because the masses watch videos then think that they are makeup artists overnight. Good for you, but you need to go to school, build a kit, a real kit not the shit you keep in your bag and think you are going to use it on clients. The trend lately is to nickle and dime artists cause some chick says she can do your makeup for 40 bucks. Go for it, but let me just explain myself and listen cause this is hard. DO you go to any other professional and do that? It is an insult and down right rude. I train and take several classes during a year, I go to trade shows and travel for classes. NONE of these are free like turning on your computer and watching a free video. My makeup is used on clients and clients alone, plus my own stash that I use for myself. I have to constantly replace products, I need disposable applicators, tissues, paper towels, q tips, wipes, disinfectant, brush cleaner, oh the list goes on. I have a real studio that I pay rent for, and I have been doing this long enough that I should be charging way more than I do. I keep my prices where there are because of the area I am in, if was strictly doing downtown weddings I could be doubling my prices. When I show up to do your makeup, I do not show up with s little bag of stuff. I bring a chair, light, vanity and makeup. If I book a date I show up and do not cancel last minute like tons of NON professional continue to do. And a few other things you should know , yes you pay for a trial the artist doesn't need a practice, it is for to see if its a right fit for you and to see if you like our work. Plus the reason for minimums I can pack up all I do leave my space - not take other appointments for just 2 or 3 people. While I love my job, love what I do I am here to make money. So when I block out a certain amount of time, it needs to cover insurance, lost appointments and sales, my time and education, a whole list of stuff go into consideration.

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