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Heart is on my sleeve....

Time goes by so fast, but yet not really. Feels like forever ago that I went to prom. (been extremely busy doing makeup for proms) but yet feels like I rented my space last week. Its been over a year since I planned it and decided to do it. I saw an ad on Craig’s list for salon studio spaces for rent. I have been wanting to get back in business and thought why not check it out. I decided to ask a friend what she thought about it and she was like, is that what you really want to do.... So I took a week to really think about it. I love the actual work of being a makeup artist but did I really want the pressure of being in business again? When I first started a 100 years ago, there was no Sephora, no Ulta and you had to go to a salon to get your makeup done or a makeup counter and pray you didn't end up looking like a clown, hooker or a hooker clown! So one day back in April 2014 my husband was meeting a friend for lunch a few doors down from this space i mentioned. Not thinking about it, I asked if I could go with. I wanted to go shopping while he had lunch. Being a Monday I didn't realize that most of the stores were closed, so I ended up killing time in starbucks. Bored, I walked over to where my husband was having lunch, I told him again about the space for rent, thinking he would NO! - he said lets look at it. We walked over and peaked in. The space was pretty much gutted to the studs and had a huge sign on the window to call. I had already been emailing about it so I knew I wanted to meet with the owner and see what it was all about. Telling my friend again, she said I'll go with you. So secretly I was hoping she would say are you out of your mind!!! Or lets do it!!! So I made the appointment. We went on a cold rainy day in May, real cold. I remember saying I’m wearing boots in May! We meet the owner at the back door, had to duck under and over stuff and took a tour of the entire space even though it was not even fully framed. Again, keep in mind I was really hoping that my friend was going to tell me are you

F**king nuts... She was like, were do I sign. Made a call and my husband was on his way and my friend was planning to come back in a few hours with hers. She signed that night and true to me being me, I had to think about it. Before I knew it we were picking out our studios and talking about chandeliers. I wanted to but what if.... I was basically restarting my business from scratch again. Hoping that my clients from the past would come to me again but after taking time off and just basically freelancing for the past 8 years, I was afraid to say the least. My business is about special occasions and preparing for them, not a day to day business. Plus just working a wedding or 2 a month and going to being somewhere 5 days a week was scary itself! Could I do it, do I want to do it, should I do it, IM NERVOUS.... Thats all that went through my head. Plus now I know that my friend is going to be there and if I don't do it I will always wonder. So yes! I signed, picked out paint colors, picked out 2 chandileirs... thats another story and the rest is almost history. Good, bad and whatever, Im there. And will be there for 2 years... Some days still I can't believe that I am there. I feel lucky to have been given an amazing opportunity, blessed that I was able to reconnect with some great clients, amazed that I have met some amazing people and happy that I get to do what I love to do. It certainly has not been easy and only time will tell if I did make the right choice but for now Im at i beauty to go 4 - 5 days a week and my friend I have been talking about is the red head next door to me! I really want to thank my husband who always supports my dreams, to my mom for telling me to go for it and my friend, the Redhead Roseann for taking the ride with me!

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