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WOW! What a year!

I can not believe, 1. how fast this year went by & 2. how things happened.

I NEVER thought I would open a space again, I secretly wanted too but just didn't think it would be possible. I heard about salon spaces opening up in Park Ridge. I brought a friend with to talk me out of it and she ended up signing a lease that day! Let me back up. 2014 started out as a terrible year. My Sofia passed away January 7th, some masked man tried to break in to my house January 13th, we had one of the worst winters in years, I got really sick in March and had a terrible reaction to tamaflu. So when I went to see the space I really had know idea where my life was taking me, other than being miserable. Unlike my friend it took me longer to sign my lease.Summer was busy and fun. Getting back into doing what I love has been a blessing. I know it will take time to be where I want to be again, but I'm moving in the right direction. I hope that 2015 will continue to bring heath, wealth and happiness!

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